Good Dog Graphics kicked off in August of 2013 after being pestered by a friend who saw similar work and knew I could do that same.  The page started the way any page does: slow.  GDG is primarily a Facebook based business and has been from the start.  It has been an uphill battle, especially with all the changes Facebook has made to prevent pages from growing without paying them for advertising.  In the beginning GDG started out in reptiles.  Yes, reptiles.  While the first portraits were of dogs, the main business I got was from Ball Python owners!

Business was slow and stopped altogether until suddenly I had a dog with a mystery health condition with his ear and I desperately needed funds to pay for the hefty vet bills he was racking up.  After a 5 week stay at the vet, having his ear stitched up 3-4 times, cauterized, glued, and stapled, they finally diagnosed him with Vasculitis and started him on new treatment.  His Vaculitis started up on Sept 9, 2013 and it wasn’t until March 2014 that the inch long wound on his ear healed completely.  Vasculitis presents in different ways and for Grimsley its mainly his ears (though he did lose half of one his paw pads to it at one point).  The condition causes the tissue to die and fall off and there is no cure and with Grim we still have no idea what causes it.  By April 2014 his other ear started up with the condition but thankfully we knew what to do this time and within a month had it healed up.

Things took off from there and the outpouring a support to help with Grimsley’s vet bills floored me!  Over the course of 9 months his vet bills came close to hitting $2,000 but with the support of other animal lovers I was able to keep his bills paid up.  They also, in that same period, paid for my oldest dog to have dental work done.  Since then Good Dog Graphics has become a normal part of my life.  I have great customers, get to draw beautiful pets, and truly enjoy what I do.  Now and then I will take time off and just feel completely lost without someone’s portraits to think about finishing.


Yearly art totals:

-In 2013 I completed around 85 portraits, logos, decals, and shirt designs.

-As of October 5th I have made 243 basic and deluxe style portraits in 2014

-2015 saw huge changes in my life but I still managed to complete over 100 works!

-2016 a hard year juggling work and portraits, roughly another 100 or so works completed!





About the Artist:


Hey everyone, I’m Tori, the artist and creator of Good Dog Graphics.  I have long since been big into drawing and other creative ventures.  Art was always my favorite class which I took for a good 7 years through middle school through high school.  I am entirely self taught and am always in the process of bettering my work.

Where I used to do my art full time, I now work “in the real world” full time, splitting my days between grooming dogs and doing construction work with my family.  My home is run by a 4 pack of midgets, shown below.  Outside of work and art I very much enjoy eventing with the dogs and spending time with family.



Bullseye is the old lady of the family.  She is 1/2 Miniature Rat Terrier, 1/4 Dachshund, 1/4 Chihuahua and was born in 2006.  She’s the “Queen B” of the family.  Bossy, loves to be held, and often fun police to the younger dogs antics.





Finnegan is the second “child” being born in 2006.  He is 100% Dachshund and boy does he let it show!  A hunter through and through, Finn follows his nose where ever it leads and is not afraid to whine your ear off when he is hungry.  He’s known to be the cry baby of the family (he really just likes to whine about everything) but is always happy as can be.  He loves a good belly rub, or heck, just scratch him all over and he will love you forever.




Grimsley, is 24/7 crazy train.  Being half Jack Russell Terrier and 1/2 Miniature Dachshund, he’s basically like a Dachshund on speed.  Born in 2012.  This dog goes from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye.  He is “bomb proof” despite his mix, being great with people, dogs, other animals, you name it.  He is a flirtpole and tug addict and a HUGE momma’s boy.  While I know its not right to pick favorites, he chose me and my heart chose him, Grim is my heart dog.



Ender (MBIS Ch ChPc End All Be All RATI CGC) is a purebred Miniature Dachshund born in 2014.  He’s a huge snuggle bug, literally would let you love on him all day long.  Ender enjoys playing with the others out in the yard and going on solo adventures with me.  He sometimes comes to work with me (the others as well, but mainly Ender as it is easier to groom him at work than at home).  Like all well trained dogs, he is obsessed with drive up windows 😉  Free dog treats!



Ronin (VomRichter’s Legend of the Samurai CGC) was born on April 28th of 2016.  This big clown of a dog is wonderful with dogs of all sizes and has been a great addition. Ronin is a water NUT, its near impossible to keep him out of it.  He also really loves squeaky balls, though any toys suffice for him.

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